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Instructions:  Print out Order Form and fill in quantity and price of products you wish to purchase; fill in Buyer and shipping information as requested at bottom of form and mail to address below.  Make checks payable to:  Nature's Heat

Nature's Heating Pads
 Order Form

Qty. Description Color Per Each Price Total
  AWE Pad    $20.00    
  Breast Pad    $20.00    
  CT Pad    $37.00    
  Eye Mask   $15.00    
  Eye Pillow    $15.00    
  Facial Pad    $20.00    
  Feet Warmers   $40.00    
  Hand Warmers    $35.00    
  Herbal Pillow    $18.00    
  Large Back Pad    $35.00    
  Migraine Manager    $20.00    
  Multi-Wrap     $40.00      
  Neck & Shoulder Collar   $30.00    
  Neck Pad (with Strap)     $20.00      
   Regular Pad    $15.00      
  Small Back Pad    $20.00    
S/H (add 15%)  
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Special Instructions:
Visa/MasterCard No:                                                         Expiration Date:
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Mail Order Form and Payment to:

    Nature's Heat
    2102 East J Street
    Torrington, WY  82240

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