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Nature's Heating Pads are made with special blends of top grade, all-natural grains, seeds, herbs and essential oils. The combination of these natural ingredients are designed to provide therapeutic heat to certain areas of the body while also promoting relief and serenity to the entire body through aromatherapy.

The primary benefits of heat therapy are received in the first twenty minutes of use. Nature's Heating Pads are heated in the microwave and their slow cooling-down process allows you to receive the full benefits of the therapy. They also reduce the risk of skin irritations due to constant heat on the skin.

Nature's Heating Pads supply moist heat - which provides greater benefits to the body than dry heat. With proper care, Nature's Heating Pads can be heated over and over again without losing vital heat and aromatherapy properties essential for heat therapy. You will receive years of use from our products with proper care.

Nature's Heating Pads can be used for cold therapy applications when placed in the freezer for at least two hours.

Uses For Nature's Heating Pads:

  • Relief of joint pain and stiffness due to injury, illness or arthritis
  • Help eliminate pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome or Raynaud's Disease
  • Ease back and shoulder pain from injury, strain, or stress
  • Alleviate cramps, stomach aches, and menstrual soreness
  • Relief for cold hands and feet due to poor circulation
  • Relief for sore muscles, tension and tissue pain
  • Cold therapy for swelling due to injury or strain
  • Relief from sinus tension and aches
  • As a bed warmer, car seat warmer, or baby crib/seat warmer


Aromatherapy has been used as a form of alternative medicine or natural healing as far back at 1400 b.c. Natural remedies using herbs, natural foods, and botanicals have withstood the test of time ~ the truest test of all. Aromatherapy is based on the concept that mind, body, and spirit are connected. Your thoughts, senses, and vital organs work together to bring healing and balance to the whole body. Aromatherapy can promote peace and harmony, which affects the whole person.

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